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UK designates the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization *

So, what is taking us so long to do the same thing? 

Great Britain Condemns Muslim Brotherhood for Terrorism Ties; Obama Isolated in Close Ties to Jihadist Organization
by Christopher W. Holton

Great Britain just published the results of its exhaustive investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood and it has joined the growing chorus of nations–including Islamic Arab nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt–who have fingered the Muslim Brotherhood for ties to Jihadist terrorism.


The Obama administration in the US now stands lone in its close, warm ties to what can only be properly described as the granddaddy of all modern Sunni Jihadist organizations. This illustrates the increasing degree to which Obama has become isolated in the world amid appearing completely out of touch with the reality of the Jihadist threat.

While even the overtly socialist Prime Minister of France, Francois Hollande, has embarked upon a crackdown against Jihad in France and an escalated air campaign against the Islamic State in the Middle East, the American president seems all too typically aloof and detached from what has become the overwhelming security concern of the American people.

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*bob_frantzBob Frantz (1420 AM The Answer) interviewed Ryan Mauro, The Clarion Project, on this very thing:  Why doesn’t the U.S. declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization?

Listen here to that interview.

What is the agenda ….?

 Find out at the Next Meeting for ACT for America, Monday Nov. 30,  2015

We will be watching this fantastic film which connects all of the dots…

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To see what will happen to America once this plan is enacted and its borders erased, look at the Muslim invasion of Europe. Globalists, like billionaire George george sorosSoros and his Open Society Foundation, push for open borders and unlimited migration – absent “temporary political considerations or popular misconceptions.”

That is code for no national borders or national sovereignty.  Soros is so confident the globalists’ plan is within their grasp that he’s no longer even coy about his goals, stating: “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

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We will be discussing all of this at our next meeting  on Monday, November 30, and who is behind it…we will connect the dots on where the Global Elites think they are taking us….


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Saddam Hussein, Iraq and the Existence of WMD’s

Clare Lopez, Center for Security Policy, Saddam Hussein, Iraq
and the Existence of WMD’s
The Bob Frantz Authority, AM 1420 The Answer, May 22, 2015

Loose transcription by Beverly A. Goldstein, Ph.D. with additional facts inserted for clarification.whk-clare
Types of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that exist (CBRNE):

bullet-diamondBiological; Bio-warfare research centers
bullet-circle Bacterial      
bullet-circle  Viral


Saddam Hussein was a primary supporter of terrorism, and harbored terrorists within Iraq.

The primary reason for invading Iraq was not actually at-the-time existence of WMD’s.

It was Saddam’s destabilizing behavior in the region. He invaded Iran in the 1980’s, invaded Kuwait in 1990, attempted the assignation of US president GHW Bush and hosted, aided, abetted and supported an entire range of ME jihadi Islamic terrorists. He paid bonuses to families of suicide bombers in Israel. Many terrorists and their organizations received safe-haven inside Iraq, including Al-Qaeda.

After 9/11, Jordanian-born Abu Musab al- Zarqawi (AQ-Iraq) made his way out of Afghanistan, through Iran where he received medical assistance, and set up camp in northern Iraq carrying out campaigns of brutalizing Shi’a Muslims in Iraq [ISIS is a direct by-product of the legacy of Zarqawi]. None of this happened without Saddam’s sanction.


Collectively, all of these matters justified the US invasion of Iraq; the presence of WMD was just the “icing on the cake.” WMD’s were the least of our reasons for the invasion.

After the first Gulf War, during 1990’s, Iraq’s nuclear WMD’s were dismantled, and as of 2003 the nuclear WMD program had not been reconstituted. Listeners must remember that Saddam, however, maintained the pieces, parts, blueprints, scientists, know-how and infrastructure to re-constitute their nuclear WMD program at any time.

Saddam did have other lethal WMD programs. He continued to have an active, extensive, sophisticated and advanced lethal biological [as well as to some extent a chemical] program process at the time of our invasion during 2003. THIS INTEL WAS NOT MANUFACTURED. These deadly weapons’ programs were in bold violation of signed UN biological weapons conventions, of which Iraq was a signatory.

But unlike the age of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. stock-piling atomic bombs, where quantity stockpiling was essential to the demonstration of strength, it was not necessary for Iraq to build up and store large stockpiles of these lethal weapons; they could easily be constructed and mobilized on short notice.

It was universally known that Saddam had experimented with and tested lethal strains of biological and chemical weapons by inflicting them on Iranian prisoners in Iraq. The US did not test these prisoners for antibodies when we entered the country, which was a large failure on our part to secure knowledge which we required.

If you want to know if a country like Iraq has an active biological/chemical weapons program, the first place that you check is the prisons. N Korea and Syria’s Bashar Assad also test lethal weapons on their prisoners, as likely does Iran.

Iraq’s chemical weapons were taken out of the country, removed before we invaded (discussed further below).


The media and the public, however, believe that we invaded Iraq because of the existence of extensive WMD programs. This became the public’s issue. Bob stated that when GWB became president, a host of Democrats including Former Pres. WJC, HRC, JK, Rockefeller, Albright et al., pressed Bush hard to become aware of Saddam’s cadre.

How could Bush not want to take the steps that he took, which was to invade Iraq? If Saddam was readily willing to use biological and chemical weapons against his own people, GWB had no reason to believe that Saddam would not use them against us, or slide them off to other enemies of ours in the ME.


Weapons in the hands of sub-national terrorist groups [e.g. ISIS] are not likely to inflict the same level of harm as can be accomplished by nation-state terrorist countries. The infrastructure redundancy and power of nation-state regimes (currently including the Assad regime in Damascus) as terrorist states are far more dangerous than are individual terrorist groups.

During this same period of time, 2001, we were dealing with the anthrax terror threat crisis in and around DC. These multiple attacks have never really been solved. No one has ever been held to account. They were attacks by other countries/nation states, probably from either Iran, Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah, or AQ.

The international information and Intel on Saddam Hussein’s WMD programs was accurate, strong and solid.


The narrative today is that this Intel was all manufactured and manipulated by Pres. Bush, VP Dick Cheney, Carl Rove, etc. They all created this ruse to enrich themselves, their companies and all of it was actually a big lie.


There had been extensive investigations conducted by UNSCOM, United Nations Special Commission, charged with inspecting Iraq’s suspected chemical and biological weapons capabilities after the first gulf war, early 1990’s. But regardless, the WMD work continued onward with the following:

1. Bacterial strains
2. Viruses
3. Toxins – Anthrax
4. Botulinum toxin (BTX)
5. Aflatoxin

[Indepth discussion on this topic:]

Weaponized, these substances can cause quite a bit of damage. Iraq had a

  • Massive bio-warfare research center at Al-Salman’s Technical Research Center, just south of Baghdad
  • Biological weapons production facility at Al Hakum [was at one time Iraq’s most sophisticated and largest biological weapons (BW) production factory]
  • Other research centers such as the bio-warfare research site at Al Manal (the “Foot and Mouth Disease Center”).

Clare stated that she has no idea why GWB himself is not defending his record by describing the knowledge/intel that their administration had at that time, why he has entirely collapsed on these issues. No one really knows the reason. To some extent Cheney remains in this fight.

They had verified evidence. For months and weeks leading up to the coalition’s invasion of Iraq in 2003, convoys of trucks loaded up in Baghdad and drove WMD material through the Euphrates River Valley into Syria. The Russians were also involved in weapons removal; they sent in planes and flew material out of Iraq; materials had their fingerprints too and they didn’t want to be identified. This is now all open source information, but was less so then.

The Bush administration also collapsed over the Iranian nuclear weapons program essentially the same way, and refused to pursue it.

When our troops went into Iraq in 2003, they captured many warehouses where Saddam Hussein, for whatever reason, stored recordings of all of his nefarious activities, both audio and video tapes of his confidential and secret meetings.

There was so much material, thousands and thousands of hours, so GWB turned to John Negroponte, his Director of National Intelligence, who agreed to “crowd source” it on the internet for help with translation. Clare and her team, she was formerly with the Iran Policy Committee, grabbed a couple hundred hours of this tape-recorded material, translated and examined it, and presented their findings at the Intelligence Summit Conference in 2006 in Crystal City. The segments they exposed contained Saddam discussions with his closest inner circle – “kitchen cabinet” [all voices authenticated] on how he was going to dispose of and/or remove WMD materials from Iraq. This open presentation of such confidential information greatly embarrassed the administration and Negroponte, and he was relieved of his position heading DNI. The remaining Saddam tapes were removed from the internet.

So Clare, and her team, in 2006 obtained first-hand knowledge of the actual existence of WMD in Iraq, through internet direct access to Saddam’s tapes discussing and describing how and by whom the regime’s WMD’s were going to be removed from Iraq.

Bob asked:

So if those weapons were truly shipped to Syria and ISIS is now largely in control of 60% of Syria, what is the threat from those weapons today, 12 years later?

On May 21, 2015, ISIS took Palmyra, Syria uncontested, today a UNESCO “World Heritage Centre.” Although it is an historic ruins from Roman times, Bashar Assad also built there a Syrian military research site for the production of chemical weapons. We don’t know what has happened there now, but it’s not the only production facility. Assad has quite complex and sophisticated programs of both biological and chemical weapons, and he has used them.

The Assad biological and chemical weapons programs still remain in place today.

The Syrians had been in the process of advancing an incipient secret nuclear program which suffered a great set-back on September 6, 2007 when Israeli jets detonated a mysterious complex (a nuclear research facility under construction at the time – funded by Iran, and possibly N Korea) in the Syrian desert [code name: Operation Orchard]. Some of the nuclear weapons materials to build this destroyed Syrian reactor may have come to Syria from Iraq’s dormant nuclear program.


So who poses the greater threat to Israel and to the U.S., the Assad regime or ISIS rebels/members, in terms of the use of WMD’s?


The use of chemical and biological weapons is a far greater threat in the hands of a sophisticated nation-state such as Syria run by Assad with its infrastructure, established facilities, delivery systems and programs, than when controlled by a sub-national group.

What we have seen so far is that ISIS has used industrial chemical weapons like chlorine, but true fourth generation chemical and biological agents require a nation-state infrastructure.

Hello!!! Assad and the mullahs are TERRORISTS, they just also happen to run countries.


If you were a presidential candidate for 2016, and a reporter said to you now, “knowing what we know now, would you have gone into Iraq in 2003?” what would be your answer?


Absolutely YES. With no hesitation.

And not specifically because of actual existence of WMD’s at that time, but rather because of what I have been discussing including regional aggression, sponsorship of terrorism, the CAPABILITY to develop additional and more sophisticated WMD’s if not thwarted, and Iraq’s violation of umpteen UN National Security Council resolutions on WMD’s.

Saddam Hussein and his regime needed to be deposed, but we committed a grave error when we totally upset the balance of power in that ME region. We took out the Sunni Baathist counter to the Shiite mullah Iranian hegemony. We left the mullahs in power without going after them in a one-two punch; we destroyed the balance of power in the region.

The rise of IS, ISIS today, as horrible as it is, is in some measure an historical natural correction to the broken balance of power that the United States imposed on the region when we took out Saddam and left the mullahs standing.


Had we been successful in concluding a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq, and left our troops in place, could we have dominated the area and corrected for this circumstance?


Even as our troops/commanders were still in Iraq, they knew that Iran was moving into Iraq and taking over, we understood this. Iran was channeling IED’s and projectiles into Iraq which were maiming and slaughtering our troops, and our commanders WERE FORBIDDEN to say a word. IRGC Quds Force and Intelligence Service Iranian troops were infiltrating our key positions and also the positions of the Iraqi military, intelligence and police, and we never said a word. This was occurring under GWB, and Iran’s takeover was quite a done deal.


The only reason that there would have been value in the United States staying in the region, would have been if we then moved forward to countering and taking out the Iranian regime also.

(( Below is the audio from the Bob Frantz interview with Clare Lopez, May 22, 2015. ))

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Contact: Nicholas Hanlon: 202-719-2418                                                       10 June 2015


On May 14, a bipartisan group of national security professionals and scientific experts wrote to House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul.  They urged him to resist pressure from electrical utility industry lobbyists, pressure calculated to render meaningless a proposed statutory requirement for a “comprehensive plan” to protect the nation’s most critical of critical infrastructures: the bulk power distribution system, known popularly as the Grid

As introduced by lead sponsors Reps. Trent Franks (R-AZ) and Pete Sessions (R-TX), “The Critical Infrastructure Protection Act” (CIPA) would require the Department of Homeland Security “to develop specific plans, technologies, recommendations and best practices to protect the national electric grid and other critical infrastructures.”  The utilities reportedly seek to require nothing more than a “strategy.”

The effect would be – particularly, if taken together with definitional changes also sought by industry – to exclude from even this watered down “strategy” threats arising from man-induced electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

The letter states, in part:

“Such an alteration in the language of CIPA would render the bill meaningless, DHS ineffectual, and perpetuate the current situation where industry has failed to protect our critical infrastructures from EMP and other threats.  By contrast, the current CIPA language would harness the deep expertise resident in DHS, and potentially in other departments and agencies of the U.S. Government, to assess the risk of an EMP event and to identify the specific plans and technologies needed to help industry address the threat.”

The full text of the letter can be found electronically here.

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy, and a signatory to the letter, stated:

With each passing day, the critical infrastructure of the United States grows more vulnerable to devastating interruptions, particularly from electromagnetic pulses –  whether from a nuclear explosion detonated in space above our nation by Iran, North Korea or other hostile states, or by naturally occurring high-intensity solar storms.  We are long overdue for corrective action to harden our grid, action that has been delayed in no small measure by resistance from the electric utilities.

This timely letter renders an inestimable service to the American people – who have an urgent need-to-know that their elected representatives are being pressed to perpetuate the perilous state of affairs that needlessly leaves them exposed to the devastating consequences of grid collapse.

Among the letter’s signatories are:

Dr. William R. Graham – (Former White House Science Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, Administrator of NASA, and Chairman of the Congressional EMP Commission)

Ambassador R. James Woolsey – (Former Director of Central Intelligence)

Ambasador Henry Cooper – (Former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative)

Mr. Fritz Ermarth – (Former Chairman of the National Intelligence Council)

Brigadier General Ken Chrosniak USA (Ret.) – (U.S. Army War College)

Major General Robert Newman Jr. USAF (Ret.) – (Former Adjutant General to the State of Virginia)

Dr. William Radasky – (President of Metatech, Lord Kelvin Medal for International Electromagnetic Protection Standards)

Dr. George Baker – (Former Chief Scientist for EMP Protection at the U.S. Defense Nuclear Agency)

Gueta Maria Mezzetti – (Former Co-Chair, Defense Science Board Energy Security Task Force (Policy) and Former Technical Co-Chair, Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel on Energy Security)

Mr. John Kappenman – (President, Storm Analysis Consultants)

Mr. Frank Gaffney (Former Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acting)

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry – (Former Staff Member, EMP Commission)

Mr. Kevin Freeman – (Chairman, NSIC Institute)

Cynthia E. Ayers – (Deputy Director, EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security)

Other signatories include members of the Secure the Grid Coalition. For more information, please contact:

Uh, oh… Somebody’s in trouble

Egypt Summons U.S. Ambassador Over MB Visit

by John Rossomando  •  Jun 9, 2015 at 4:39 pm

Egypt asked the U.S. ambassador in Cairo to account for the Obama administration’s allowing Muslim Brotherhood officials to visit Washington for a private conference this week sponsored by the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID).

Egypt sought the recent meeting with Ambassador Stephen Beecroft to show its displeasure with American policy toward the Brotherhood, which it labels a terrorist organization.

Delegation members include Amr Darrag, whose handling of drafting and ratifying Egypt’s December 2012 constitution led to fears the Brotherhood aimed to impose a theocracy; and Wael Haddara, a Canadian Brotherhood member who served as an adviser to deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

The administration has no plans to meet with the delegation, State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said Tuesday. U.S. policy allowed for engagement with people from across Egypt’s political spectrum, he said Monday.

Emails obtained by Middle East Briefing, a publication of the Dubai-based Orient Advisory Group, show that since 2010, Obama administration policy sought to support the Muslim Brotherhood under Presidential Study Directive 11.

State Department and White House officials met in January with a Muslim Brotherhood delegation whose trip had been partly funded by the Brotherhood-linked group Egyptian Americans for Freedom and Justice (EAFJ). EAFJ leader Mahmoud El Sharkawy is a member of the Brotherhood’s international organization and serves as liaison between his group and Brotherhood members exiled in Turkey, Egypt’s Al-Bawaba newspaper reported in April.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki downplayed the visit and denied it was a Brotherhood delegation, saying it was a delegation of former Egyptian parliamentarians which included members of the Freedom and Justice Party. Delegation member Waleed Sharaby said in a February interview with Egypt’s Mekameleen TV that the State Department agreed with their position that Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi had not brought stability and that his removal would pave the way for a transition to democracy.

Such calls for violence have been reflected in the Facebook accounts of EAFJ members. El Sharkawy’s Facebook page supports violence in Egypt in posts such as a Feb. 10 communiqué from the Popular Resistance Movement (PRM) which has launched attacks against Egyptian police and other targets. It features an image of a blood-red map of Egypt with a fist superimposed over it and claims responsibility on behalf of the PRM for targeting two police cars. It also stated the following motto in Arabic: “God, martyrs, Revolution.”

Other members of EAFJ such as board member Hani Elkadi, who identified himself as a Brotherhood member in a March 9 post, have posted similar images on Facebook.